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About Us

We provide solutions for dynamic environment where business strategies and technology converge.

Infinite Business Synergy was formed in 2007, provides multi-service to IT based customers. From the very beginning of our company, we want to be the frontline for all solution innovation and always stood for one capability above all others. By imaging the solution, is sense of possibility that allow for freedom to deliver something great to the industry while we have always performed to deliver something great to the industry with integrity values.

We might not a company with great idea or being charismatic visionary leader, but we are a company that can prosper for beyond the presence of any single leader and through multiple technology life cycles.

We’d like to be a sustainable and adaptable organization in the market. In the end, our success is measured not only by our ability to think big, dazzling thoughts, but by our commitment to our customers

The words reflected here represent a revitalization of our values. They are call to action that asks every INFINITE BUSINESS SYNERGY’s employee to recommit to a common set of beliefs about how we work.

Over 30+ Company Trusted Us

Our Vision

To be acknowledge as a pioneer; for delivering IT Technology for the advancement and welfare or humanity

Our Mission

1. Running organization with high level of integrity, ownestly and transparent

2. Regularly involve in delivering technologies to society, and maintain the organization to become a learning institution

3. Enabling our client to focus on their business; and entrust us as the custodian of their IT needs

4. Always providing best-green innovative-revolutionary solution with effective and efficiencies business and technology approach

5. Becoming a benchmark as a trusted business partner for : green IT technology implementor, operation excellence, human capital management, financial return, and good corporate governance