We always divides customer into two categories: our staff as an internal customer and our client as an external customer. Our staffs equipped with an ‘attitude’, attitude to do thing right first time and achieve or even exceed our customer’s satisfaction, anytime – anywhere. Their motivation and dedication to perform excellence job to customers is […]


There are more than hundreds regulation in this country and many ways of strategies for delivering services to our clients. As an infinite business synergy’s staff, our people will always maintain excellent, truthfully, and honestly performance, anytime – anywhere, and they should comply with the country’s law and corporate policy. It shows our credibility and […]


Business must innovate faster to stay a head of competition. We must offering to retain clients. And, we should understand client behavior to identify un-met needs and acquire new clients. To do all of this, we must look for new models of innovations. In Darwin’s words: “ It is the one the strongest of the […]

Superior Profit

Mastering growth is insufficient. The company with the fattest wallet may survive, but would cede market to more nimble competitors. We believed, companies with a well planned strategy for navigating the turns can gain significantly over competition during an industry turn. Most importans, we should develop the capability to respond fast, when the industry cycle […]

Learning Organization

We are highly recommending our people to keep digging new knowledge and experience for their future and company future. Without knowledge, our mission to keep delivering new innovative solution to clients is just a word. Training is necessity for all employees, and there’s no limit to develop skill and knowledge in our organization