IB-Synergy Consulting

helps clients navigate the various IT choices including strategy (design and integration with business strategy to ensure alignment and maximum use of information technologies), applications, networks, security and compliance, program management, as well as optimizing IT organizations

Our practice encompasses

both legacy systems as well as innovative technologies. Delivering high quality business consulting and disciplined technology implementation – at an extremely competitive price. Part of our strategy is to help our customer to improve it’s operational strategies with best practices, best-of-breed product and technology.

We are here

to help you design innovative and cost effective enterprise IT models. The result is dramatic, measurable, and sustainable business performance improvement. Ensuring that everything we do provides value to our customers. It means creating a partnership that combined with our consulting expertise in the industries – maximizes customer profitability and ensures quality. We are dedicated […]

We stand for straight forward,

can did dialogue and for delivering more than we promise. We believe in on-site business consulting, backed by impeccably high quality, low-cost remote implementation. Beating the competition demands discipline and focus. Every operational change must link back to how it creates competitive advantage. We work with our customers to determine what actions will create the most advantage, and then […]

Our consulting focus are

Infrastructure Architecture & Management, including Storage and Server Consolidation Management, Server and Storage Business Continuity Planning, Database Architecture & Management, and Technology Implementation & Integration – and all of them is to empowering you to implement and manage first class, quality driven IT services that deliver real efficiency gains and measurable results